mercredi 5 mai 2021



Marcus Rivers & Oliver Dean, un festival de boules

Testicles are a mysterious part of sex. We’ve all heard stories that boys love it when they’re played with but also that one bad move can result in tears. It’s also hard to know what to actually do with a guy’s balls. Should you cup them? Play with them? Stroke them? Suck them? The answer is yes, all of the above and so much more. 
Testicle enlargement :
Just as with penises, some men wonder whether they can make their testicles look bigger. Although size says little about function, it’s all about the looks. There are surgeries to make your balls bigger; do keep in mind, that, just as with penis enlargements, pills, ointments, and other potions are designed to make your wallet smaller, rather than your balls bigger.

I'm addicted to big balls

Part 1 & 2

 #1 The bigger the balls, the more sperm you have. That’s right! If you’re looking to spread your seed and make life, big balls below means you have more sperm to give and more of a chance to impregnate your lucky lady! 
 #2 Increased sex drive. Given your natural endowment, you may be sporting a higher sex drive. 
 #3 Self-Confidence. Admit it… your boys are big and you’re proud to show them off. Go ahead–hold your head high!

mardi 4 mai 2021

Aux fidèles followers de HORNYBOYS

Je reçois les messages sur ma boîte EMail des fidèles followers de mon blog HORNYBOYS, qui fonctionne sur invitations, et  qui souhaitent continuer à le lire. Je vais voir avec Blogger comment me transmettre vos Email dans la liste des invités. Merci à vous tous !



Marcus se fait démonter par Payton !!!

A Torrent Of Warm Twink Cum - Marcus Rivers Payton Connor

Part 1& 2 
video HD

Marcus est un garçon épatant, jsuis trop fan de ses boules. A venir une vidéo hors norme, à ne pas manquer,  de Marcus avec Olivier Dean 😛

How far can men ejaculate ? / Jusqu'où les hommes peuvent-ils éjaculer ?

video HD

What is the average distance a man can ejaculate? 
According to Masters and Johnson, the record is eight feet (2.4 meters). Ejaculate can also travel at an approximate speed of 45kms an hour, which "is why some people don't like it at the back of their throats. 

 - "I was once with a guy (just once…haha) and was on top. I hopped off so he could ejaculate and we both watched in awe as his baby batter flew over us and onto the wall. Well above his massive headboard. I would say from penis to landing it was an easy 8-10 feet. We both stayed silent for about a minute than couldn't help laughing! He said that had never happened before. I was glad he didn't erupt inside of me since my head would have been stuck in the ceiling!!!" 

- "As a young man masturbating in my bedroom, I remember watching in horror as my cum hit the ceiling and the thick gooey white glob hung there before dripping down. I had to go get a ladder and a towel… and it left a mark on the ceiling. I made certain to contain the range there after"…

lundi 3 mai 2021




Il est assez rare que les labels autorisent leurs modèles de jouir dans l'anus de leur partenaire, comme ICI avec Jim

"I must admit, that there are guys from BelAmi that I like more than Jim and Viggo. But to be honest, this is probably the hottest video they have released this year. Not only because of the internal cum shot. But the sex here is simply amazing. Viggo is always quite the greedy bottom, but sometimes this horniness feels artificial. Not here though. And not with Jim Durden. Jim’s sexual energy is totally real, and I guess can sometimes be overwhelming for his scene partners. Unless they are capable of joining him on that wild ride. Like Viggo here".